I want it all

Voglio Tutto

Marta Bellavista died at only 27 years of age.

Despite this her life was marked by a fullness that attracted and left people mesmerized. After her death, many writings and notes were found by her family and relatives, notes which forcefully document this fullness of life.

For this reason, her family took a decision to publish a book, I Want It All, edited by Itaca (purchasable here) and curated by Emanuele Polverelli.

A light read which proposes a precious opportunity to reflect on what is really of value in life.

These pages intend to be a help to continue to build the network of relationships that Marta built during the course of her life with intensity and fruitfulness.

While reading her writings we discovered that Marta is more alive than ever.

“At the meeting on school of community with Carrón, [Carrón] said: “All of reality is mine, all of reality is a friend to me”. If I am honest, I can also say the same. I realize that I need a human companionship in which my hope can flourish”. (from “I Want It All”)

Like Marta we also need a companionship like this. Any reader of the book, any friend of Marta’s, anyone who may have only heard her speak can write to us and document the life that has been generated thanks to her “yes” to Jesus.